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I'm back, I got a job, and I have a kid in college!

January 30th, 2010 at 06:57 pm

Hmmm... weird. I tried several times in the last year to access my blog and couldn't. Today, out of the blue, I decided to try one more time and found it right away.

I just recently got a full time job. The money is helpful, but it takes a lot of time! I'm really pleased with the co-workers, boss, whole situation... except it's a very long commute. We had thought of moving, but might just deal with the commute right now. Bad time to sell the house, bad time to move the children.

I have a kid in college, which seems unbelievable. So far, we're doing fine with that money-wise. We had some money saved, but not tons. Kid is 500 miles away, lives in the dorms and doesn't come home too often. Next year, kid is going to be a Resident Advisor, which is rewarded with free room and board. That will save us $1000 per month. Can't wait!

Goals for 2010:
-Increase emergency fund by $2000(Given changes in circumstances, I want fast access to more money...kid in college, more driving, etc.)
-$2000 to my IRA
-$2000 to spouse's IRA
-Raise spouse's 401K contribution to the max (it's almost there, anyway)
-new roof on house (in March--yikes!)
-used car for commuting

Looking forward to checking in more often, now that the blog seems to be accessible. I have no idea what was up with that!