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January 7th, 2013 at 12:06 am

I haven't set a "for sure" goal for the selling of things, extra money, etc. yet... but I'm thinking of $1000. That's less than $100 a month, so I'm thinking that it's doable, but also worthwhile.

I sold some CDs on Second Spin today, and took advantage of their special, which was an additional 20%. I need to pack up the CDs and get them shipped, and then I should have $50.04! Not a bad start just 6 days into the year.

I also have a big box of things for eBay, but I haven't had time to deal with those yet.

A sweet little bonus today... I had done some Christmas shopping at Williams Sonoma and when I was sorting and filing receipts, I noticed that there was a separate receipt that said it was "Good for $20 off a future purchase." It didn't say that there was a minimum purchase amount, so I figured I'd try it out. I was heading to the mall to finish some returns anyway, so I stopped in WS. Good heavens! Hardly anything in the store for around $20 or less. I thought about getting a few new dishtowels, but I opted for food instead. I got two bags of pasta (1.25 pounds each) for $4.99 each and some vanilla. Out of pocket, it was $1.XX. I was pleased. We cooked one of the bags of pasta tonight and it truly WAS delicious... better than Ronzoni or Golden Grain or Trader Joes or Whole Foods, which are the kinds I usually buy. I told the kids to enjoy it--- I would NEVER pay $4.99 for that amount of pasta!

The Husband has been finding money all over the past few days. I think he's up to $1.80. Not a fortune of course, but that's two pounds of "sale" pasta!! Smile Haha!

Flat Tire

January 1st, 2013 at 10:10 am

Yesterday the tire pressure indicator went on in my car (new to us car last April.) Since just the day before, The Husband had mentioned that he needed to check the tire pressure, I assumed that the indicator light had gone on for him, too. And he had told me when we first got the car that the tires were "run flat." So I didn't worry.

My sister and I ran a few errands together. The tire looked lower and lower, so I finally stopped at a gas station and had The Husband meet me there to check the tire.

-not "run flat" tires
-husband had been looking at a different tire, thinking it had looked low... hadn't seen tire indicator light
-tire has a hole in the side wall

He filled the tire enough to get it to my sister's house. Today he'll take the wheel off, and and he and BIL will try to get the tire repaired. I hopehopehopehope that the tire can be repaired and we don't have to replace it. It's a fairly new tire.

Bleh. Money out.