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Black Friday Shopping. Never!

November 23rd, 2012 at 01:49 pm

I can't imagine a deal good enough to make me go shopping today! It just sounds like the worst thing ever!

My family is hanging out together at the relatives' house. A few of us dashed out for pedicures (the cheapest I've ever had, but decent at $15), and some are watching football. We're planning a walk to a park later, and there will be some photography... different smaller families are all wanting to take Christmas card pictures, so we'll do that.

Everyone (except me) helped a little with the cooking of yesterday's dinner. And tonight we're going to make tacos with all the leftover turkey. The pies are nearly gone, so we may have some of the teenagers make some cookies for dessert.

I didn't help with dinner yesterday because I was sick. We suspect that it was food poisoning from something I ate on Wednesday when we were on the way to the relatives. I stayed in bed basically all day, sipping ginger ale and nibbling a few saltines by the afternoon. At 5:00, when the family was eating dinner, I crawled out of bed and ate a tiny piece of toast and a spoonful of mashed potatoes. And then I got back in bed. Even with being miserably sick, it's been wonderful being surrounded by family!

Today I feel much better, and I tasted some stuffing for lunch, though I still don't feel like eating much. Who would have thought?!

I'm pretty thrilled to have a few days off, because the new job is quite challenging, though I do love it. I slept late today, and plan to do the same tomorrow. Thankfully, I cleaned the house to perfection before we left, so we will go home to a nice, clean house on Sunday.

I hope you all had a great holiday!

The Last Piece of the Moving Puzzle

November 9th, 2012 at 07:33 pm

Egads. It's been ages.

So a few months ago we moved. The Husband's commute is shorter. Check. The swimbabies like their new schools and activities. Check. House in old town sold. Check.

I was thinking I would take some time off from working. Just not that many jobs out there for me right now. And then I saw a posting, applied on a whim, and got it.

So my job is the last piece of the puzzle. Everything is working out well. My jobs is tons of work right now, but it will slow down in a few weeks, I think. We will have to fine tune a few things in the family's schedule, but amazingly, everything is going well.

This was a very hectic week, and it's a busy weekend ahead, so we had takeout tonight. We hardly every do that. I'm almost always in favor of cooking over spending. But I'm too tired to argue. The Husband took care of calling in an order and going to pick it up. I was pretty close to just cooking some oatmeal and getting in bed, but the takeout was delicious (Mexican.)

Hope y'all are well!