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Filed my taxes!

February 2nd, 2010 at 07:34 pm

Whew! SOOOO happy to have it done. The last document I needed came last Friday, and though the taxes were 95% complete ON FRIDAY, I had a few little things to add. But now they're done. Filed.

We had a weird year, money-wise. I was employed part-time for part of 2009, hub-bub had some extra work, and because we owed taxes a few years ago, we were conservative with our withholding. Too conservative, as it turns out. In September, I got on the IRS website to see how we were doing tax-wise. There is a withholding calculator, and when I entered all our information, the computer screamed "RUN! DON'T WALK! CHANGE YOUR WITHHOLDING TO 27!" We adjusted it to 8, which made little difference, and then up to 10 (as high as his company will allow without jumping through lots of hoops), which didn't change things much, either. So, I knew we'd be getting money back.

Well, I don't mind getting a little back, but we are getting too much back this year. The bad news is that we lost interest on all that money for a part of 2009. The good news is that I can used the money we're getting back to seriously attack goals we set last week. And then I can up the goals and start over!