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Time to Set Goals/Make Some Plans

December 26th, 2012 at 06:45 pm

Well, I'm feeling eager to sit down with The Husband and make some goals and do some planning, but I haven't had time, yet.

Things that are on my mind:

*Our cell phone plan... we've been talking about changing carriers/plans, but it will take some time and research. I'm hoping we can get to this while we're both off work.

*Food planning... I just feel like we always pay too much for food! We have been busy and haven't planned the way I like to the last two months, so I'd like to get back on that.

*We are hoping to take a family vacation this summer, and I want to get a budget set for that.

*I have a few boxes of items that I want to sell on ebay. I'm not sure if there's a "best time of year" or not... and maybe this isn't the best time. But I want to get going on that. Cleaning out, and hoping to earn a few extra dollars to send to savings.

*I want to start planning some little way to add to the savings. I'm already sending a decent amount, but I want to increase and might try saving change and $1 bills, or sending the amounts I save with coupons or discounts to savings or something.

*And I need to double check the pre-tax medical and get one of the swimbabies to an orthodontist.

I just updated car insurance, so I won't need to look at that. Our utilities are going well. We could probably do a little better on gas/combining trips/driving less if it's close by.

I actually love this time of year ... great time for planning and goal-setting, which I love! Smile

1 Responses to “Time to Set Goals/Make Some Plans”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I don't know if you've seen some of the posts about Ting, but that might be something you may want to look into if you use a non-Apple product. Smile There's also PagePlus, AirVoice, and some good TMobile plans worth checking out.

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