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Things Have a Way of Working Out

September 4th, 2012 at 05:34 pm

I last posted about $300 or so worth of spending that annoyed me.

And now, I just found out that we'll be getting $300 or so for changing our car insurance policy.

I'd been bugging The Hub to change our policy to reflect that kids had gone back to college. He finally called this afternoon. They have this option called "Away at School" for college kids. But if the college isn't far enough away, it has no effect on the policy. One Swimbaby is FAR away at school, and we don't pay a dime, even though technically, kid is still on car insurance. Kid is covered when home visiting, basically for free. One Swimbaby goes to college approximately 85 miles away... which is apparently too close to get any advantage from the "Away at School" option. So we completely removed said Swimbaby! When home, we'll have to call and have kid added for a few days if kid is to drive (not really a need) and they'll charge us a few dollars just for that weekend or whatever.

Savings? Approximately $300 (every six months!), but still waiting for the final numbers. TOTALLY worth the call.

Interestingly, sometimes my Swimbabies use Zipcar, and rent a car for a few hours or a day. It's within their budget and comes with insurance. It's really a great option for college kids!

Pancakes for dinner...

4 Responses to “Things Have a Way of Working Out”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    We did that when DD1 went back last year for her first semester of sophmore year...she decided not to take her car, so when she came home at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we just called our agent and had her added back on for the week and they prorated us....it worked out great.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Isn't interesting how things like that sometimes even out. So glad for you...and the savings will be for more than once, so that is a bonus!

  3. Homebody Says:


  4. Jerry Says:

    For the longest time I just thought that insurance companies wanted you to call when there are life changes so that they could try to upsell you to more coverage... but your situation is a great example that it can also lead to some savings! That is a great deal, congrats.

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