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September 4th, 2012 at 09:22 am


The Hub has a credit card that we occasionally use for convenience sake. We've always paid it off every month. I don't tend to look at the statements until it's time to pay. This time, I got a some surprises.

Surprise #1: Elephant Bar. Elephant Bar?! Some friends took us there once years ago and it was terrible. Overpriced, greasy, food that is not even close to as good as something I could fix on a bad day at home. With my eyes closed. When I'm sick and can't taste anything.

So I ask, "Um, what the heck is up with Elephant Bar?!" And the response doesn't please me. Apparently the Hub took a couple of people to lunch to the tune of $70, but won't be reimbursed from work because of some technicalities. He couldn't have taken them to the burger place that would have cost half?! Ugh. Not happy.

Surprise #2: We had to go out of town and take the dog for boarding. Our old boarding was $21 a night, but it was at a vet hospital and we were pleased with the service. It took me a ton of comparison shopping to find that deal.

But....New town, new boarding. "No problem," Hub says. "I'll take care of it." So he calls the first vet on the Google search and signs up. Except... We're only gone for one night, but because of the Labor Day holiday, dog has to stay 3 nights. They're not open for pick up. Growl from me. And dog is due for a shot, and needs a test not required by other boarding... and on and on. So it ends up that what would have cost $21 at the old place, costs $256! Did you hear me scream?!

I feel so cheated. Except it's not totally his fault. We've been busy (I could have searched for pet boardking, but let him do it), he really did need to do the lunch date thing, because it gave him needed information. It would have been impractical to board dog at old place. But that's over $300 that I would have been happy to save. It just seems like a waste to me... I would have considered other options.

In retaliation, I'm snatching $300 from the checking account and sending it to savings. Okay, not really retaliation, but I'll feel better. I'd rather not spend, eat from the pantry, etc... and let him *think* we're closer to the edge that we really are. (It's unlikely that he'll check to see where it went. He's busy!) But really, I'll be sending $300 to savings that I hadn't planned to right now. If we need it, too bad. We'll have to wait.

So I guess not really retaliation. More like win.

And I forgot to add: He's as annoyed about it all as I am. He didn't expect the crazy-high boarding bill, and he didn't really want to pay for lunch but felt obligated. He did get a little bonus at work this month, which more than covers it all. It's just the principle!!

5 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Bummer! Sounds like you've got it covered, so that is a plus. Smile

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I'd have similar feelings....For a lot less than the boarding cost, you might have found (if you'd had time to look) some one to come to the house several times to feed, water, exercise, play with dog who would be in comfortable surroundings where dog wouldn't have to be away from home unnecessary nights. It's not just the money.

  3. Swimgirl Says:

    We didn't have time to do much investigating and the Hub went with the easiest option. Our dog doesn't mind boarding, so I wasn't worried about her happiness so much as the cost. She's pretty content anywhere, everywhere, all the time. No fears. I know this because a friend of mine used to work at the old boarding facility and checked on her often. She was honest about our old dog-- he couldn't handle being there. Stressed him out. This dog likes it.

    I'm hoping that we will soon meet some trustworthy teens who could pet sit. And I might look into regular pet sitting businesses next time. At this point, we're unlikely to need boarding until Thanksgiving. And that will be for a few days... although dog won't need tests, shots, etc. so it should be the usual $21 a night, even if we have to go with the same option again.

  4. My English Castle Says:

    Oooh--that pet sitting is nasty. I hate that kind of spending--

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ouch! Those were some costly surprises.

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