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A Little of This, A Little of That

July 20th, 2012 at 09:52 am

On the rental topic, I had forgotten our savings in terms of property taxes. Yes, we'll be missing out on another tax deduction, but our property taxes are currently just over $8,000 a year. I won't miss that.

Our power is off today due to some construction in the area or something. But our internet router has a battery back-up, so we've got internet, at least. I'm hoping that the power won't be off too long. For one thing, it's supposed to be very hot today-- in the 90s. I knew about this ahead of time, but I'd forgotten about the possibility of food going bad. Hope that doesn't happen.

I always forget all the ways we "need" the power. Our drinking water comes from the fridge dispenser. I can't do laundry or cook or vacuum... I think we'll be heading out to the library soon. It will be cool and entertaining there.

I saw a friend yesterday and she reminded me about Ross Dress for Less. I like shopping there when I can stop by on a fairly regular basis. I used to work near one, and I'd stop by every week or so to look at dresses. Often I found nothing, but other times I found great stuff. I think the key is definitely checking back often. I never paid more than $15 for a dress for work, and they were very nice dresses. The friend I saw yesterday always has adorable dresses on, and that is her method, too. I'm hoping to find a Ross in the new area.

Dinner might be take out of some kind. We had some work to do tonight, because tomorrow's the moving sale! Can't wait to have all this stuff out of my house.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

3 Responses to “A Little of This, A Little of That”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We learn to appreciate power when we lose it, don't we? Hope you have a cool afternoon.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    It is amazing how when our power goes out, I am constantly going to use it and have to remind myself over and over- cant do that, oh yeah, cant do that either...lol. I think if you just keep the door shut on the fridge, things should be ok for a few hours.

    Enjoy the library!

  3. Jerry Says:

    It really is amazing how much we rely on power, and how losing it leads to an appreciation of what we have! Imagine how many of the day to day items we use would be completely useless without the insurance of electricity! It makes me want to have an off-grid backup system, just to be safe.

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