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Daily Expense Challenge April 10

April 11th, 2012 at 08:06 am

The kids are out of school on Spring Break, and we're not doing much, so I took them to see The Hunger Games. For a second time. A. Second. Time. Am I out of my mind?! It was the cheapest option of their ideas of what to do, by far, so I said okay. Yesterday was "cheap movie day"... although I'm certain there's a more official name. Anyway, the tickets were $5 each, so that was $15.00, cheaper than bowling, rock climbing, ice skating, etc.

Groceries... $21.90

Bridge Toll for the new car that doesn't have Fastrak, yet (but is going to get great mileage!)...$5

Gas (between three cars)... $80.62

The Husband had a stressful day at work, and had to sneak out between meetings for some ginger ale and Tums. I should stock some in his office, because I never, ever, never, ever, never-in-a-million-years would have paid $4.38 at Walgreens for that. Add to my To-Do list...

I was hoping that we could go away somewhere this weekend. Like I said, it's Spring Break, and we've got nothing planned. I was thinking of a quick trip to the coast or to San Francisco or just something to get us all out of the house doing something together. I got on Hotwire.com and there are some respectable deals there. Not sure if we will or not yet. The thing holding me back is actually the price of gas. I'm just sick of it. With the commuting that we do, I just hate paying for more gas. Perhaps the Hotwire deals will get cheaper as the week goes on to make up for the gas. I'm putting off making a decision.

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