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Daily Expense Challenge April 7, 8, 9.... Ugh.

April 10th, 2012 at 08:09 am

Well, at least we have a budget and I know it will all work out. Too many transactions! Makes my head spin!

It was a crazy weekend with a bit of travel, entertaining, treats for the kids, etc. It made me nervous as all the transactions were taking place, but I did know we had enough money set aside. Just would rather not spend it, of course. Blech.

April 7
Gifts/Treats for kids for Easter...... $68.47
My kids are older now, and this amount seems ridiculous, but of course I was certain to purchase either things they need or things they've been asking for that I might end up giving in on at some point, anyway. Swim goggles, new flip flops, $5 Jamba cards... I deducted some from the gifts category and some from clothing.
This included prepared foods from Whole Foods for lunch on the road.
TOTAL for the day: $195.74 Yikes!

April 8
Fastrak rebill.....$25.00
This is for our electronic bridge toll device. Years ago, we paid an initial amount, and now it rebills whenever the balance gets low, then charges us as we drive through. Fabulously convenient. I'm amazed that not everyone has one.
This is not as bad as I'd expected. Like I said, I get overwhelmed by the number of transactions! This included grocery shopping for Easter, and was a little more because I bought food/drink items especially for guests that I would not have bought otherwise. My dad likes rootbeer, my step mom like a certain tea and I'd run out. We also had friends visit and we all got Jamba Juice and bagels and sat outside in the sun for lunch. It ended up being a decent deal. We got a dozen bagels and a few smoothies to share, and fed four adults and seven (big) kids.
TOTAL for the day: $81.92

April 9
Aaaah... back to reality!

I took four empty spice bottles to the health food store and refilled them with bulk spices... curry, cumin, thyme and turmeric. The total was $4.20. To buy all the spices in bottles would have been at least $12!

And we had breakfast for dinner, but we were out of milk and decided orange juice would be a nice treat. $9.08 for two gallons of milk and a carton of OJ.

TOTAL for the day: $13.28 Love that.

3 Responses to “Daily Expense Challenge April 7, 8, 9.... Ugh.”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I'm tracking my expenses this month too and I feel the same Yikes feeling when I post too! In some ways, I didn't realize how much I was spending every day, and then sometimes it just seem inevitable because life is happening. I sympathize!

  2. Swimgirl Says:

    I know! And in some ways I think I'm still in the "before kids" mode, even though my oldest is, ahem, in college. I still dream of being able to pay $450 for rent and have $100 get us through the month for groceries!

    And really, I don't like to spend. I do it because I know I have to and because my kids need/want things, and because, like you said, life is happening. I have a good friend who thinks nothing of spending. Of course, we are in a better financial position that her family is... but it's amazing to me when we are together. She really likes to spend, I think. I don't.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    We have FasTrak too. We only use it a few times a year, but it saves time and a bit of money. I am suprised to when local people don't have one. Why not?

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